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MSAccess Modules

Database Compaction Module
Compact.mdb provides a generic module for compacting a specified database. This can be dropped into any existing database and called via a public function.
Common Controls Module
CommonControls.mdb is a generic module for providing the Windows Common Controls Dialog functions from within Access 97. This is a standalone module that can be dropped into any database.
Access Error Handling
Robust error handling for Access. Here's the error handler we use for most of our tasks. It consists of an error-handler form and a couple of modules for calling the Windows API.
Handling multiple workgroups
OK, folks...We've seen a lot of requests for a solution to how to handle a multiuser system where there are multiple workgroups, but never seen a workable way to deal with this situation. Here's our solution: the zip file contains two databases: password.mdb contains a password-changing form that first of all changes the user's password, then launches the second database using the second workgroup file, changes the password there, and then exits.
MS Access modules Here are some Access 97 modules that solve some problems for us. Hopefully they will be of use to other developers as well.
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