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Prototype form - Grandchild is also child
This sample illustrates how to use single incremental primary keys in the child and grandchild table, but still be able to link the grandchild directly to the grandparent when needed. In the example, the Commitments table is a 1:M child of both the Funds table and the Sources table, and a 1:M parent of the Transactions table. Every Commitment is to a particular fund, and every Transaction applies to a particular Commitment. But we want to be able to enter Transactions for a particular Fund (the grandparent) in chronological order regardless of which Commitment the transaction refers to.
The grandchild.zip file includes a short ReadMe.txt file.
Paradox modules Here are some Paradox 10 modules that solve some problems for us. Hopefully they will be of use to other developers as well.
Paradox is a registered trademark or something of Corel.