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Why would we go through all the work of developing great tools and then give them away?

First of all, these tools were developed because we needed them ourselves. We figured that other developers were probably in the same situation. We use our own tools and thought others could make use of them, too. We'd like to take an active part in contributing to the developer community in which we live.

Secondly, we are firm believers in open-source initiatives. Go ahead - poke around in the code that runs these tools. We're constantly learning new techniques by examining code that other developers have written, and maybe you'll find some gems in what we've come up with. If you've got an idea to improve our coding we'd love to hear about it. Drop us a line.

Thirdly, and most importantly, we run a consulting and development business. Our best advertising is word-of-mouth. We're convinced that the quality of our products is what grows our business. Is there a better way to get powerful development tools out in the world than by making them freely available and having developers tell other developers how useful they are? We've yet to hear about it. We're hoping that if you have development or quality assurance projects coming up you'll consider hiring us to address your specific requirements.

Of course, if you find these tools valuable and insist on sending money our way, we promise to put it to good use. There's a PayPal link to your left.

About Ah, Software
Mark Wieder and Shauna Haines are the principal developers of Ah, Software, a Berkeley, California-based software consultancy specializing in application development, quality assurance, and training. With 40 years' combined experience, Ah, Software has a list of clients that includes nonprofits, startups, and large established corporations.

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