Ah, Software


Mesa executable
Mesa.zip contains the executable file, the DLLs and the help file (215k).
Mesa source archive
Borland C++ source files for Mesa. Zip file (50k).
Mesa screen shot (main screen)
This is the Mesa main window showing the disassembly, memory dump, symbol table, and sequence frames.
Mesa An interactive Windows-hosted cross-disassembler for 8-and 16-bit microprocessors. Mesa is based on the same ASCII CPU tables as TASM, a popular shareware cross-assembler, and the source files generated can be modified and reassembled using TASM. The input and output file formats are configurable to accomodate different assembler syntaxes. Mesa can separate code and data and recognize ASCII strings embedded in code. Mesa generates symbol tables with jump and branch targets as well as the locations of load and store operations. Mesa can read binary files, Intel hex format files, and Motorola S-format files. The new version supports macros (structs).