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Ah, Software::Runtime Evolution

dbSchemaGenerator is a tool for designing databases rapidly, visually, and effortlessly.

It encourages good database design by enforcing standard naming conventions. If the fields are named correctly then the links between tables will be generated automatically. You can view the table links in the relationship diagram and change the attributes of fields and tables. You can export your table design to a SQL command file and execute the command file from the menu to build the database. You can also import SQL command files that have been previously exported from MySQL or other database programs or crafted by hand.

This version is designed for MySQL.

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Mark Wieder and Shauna Haines are the principal developers of Ah, Software, a Berkeley, California-based software consultancy specializing in application development, quality assurance, and training. With 40 years' combined experience, Ah, Software has a list of clients that includes nonprofits, startups, and large established corporations.

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