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Ah, Software::LiveCode

StacKnowledge brings the power of C lint error-checking to LiveCode. StacKnowledge allows you to find potential problem areas in your application before you ship. StacKnowledge is a powerful Quality Assurance tool for LiveCode developers who are serious about their compile-and-debug cycle. It allows the developer to put more resources into creating code and fewer into runtime debugging. (hint: it's also useful for other xtalk environments)

With StacKnowledge you can:

  • See at a glance the constants, global variables, local variables with both script and handler scope, and handler parameters
  • Find unused constants, global and local variables
  • Find variables used only once
  • Find and fix undeclared variables (explicitVars)
  • Find mistyped variable names the compiler misses
  • Locate functions in your scripts that are only included for HyperCard and SuperCard compatibility (useful when importing stacks)
  • Warn about functions that may not work on specific platforms (Macintosh, Windows, linux)
  • See where variables are used
  • Move script variables to the top of a script for maintainability
  • Find empty handlers (probably unused code, but may block message passing)
  • ...and more...

StacKnowledge can be used as a plugin or as a standalone tool.

Comprehensive configuration options are available to allow you to control the depth of the evaluation process and the granularity of examination.

About Ah, Software
Mark Wieder and Shauna Haines are the principal developers of Ah, Software, a Berkeley, California-based software consultancy specializing in application development, quality assurance, and training. With 40 years' combined experience, Ah, Software has a list of clients that includes nonprofits, startups, and large established corporations.

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